Why “Invite Only Basketball”?

Coach Wheeler’s goal with all his basketball camps, coaching and lectures is to “help the best get even better”.  In other words, we are looking for players who are committed to getting better at the game of basketball.  If you are serious about basketball (and enjoy being on the court), we would like to have you at our next event.

Who is Coach Wheeler?

As a former college player and, more recently, a professional speaker on the topic of “Performance Mindset”, Coach Wheeler brings a unique perspective to the game of basketball.  His teams are known for their “Never Quit” attitude as well as their ability to control their own minds while overcoming obstacles both in games as well as in life.

Dave Wheeler’s other “claim to fame” is something that he calls “TheShot92”.  As part of his presentations at basketball camps and clinics, he tells the story of being selected to participate in a half-time shooting contest in front of 20,000 spectators.  We won’t give away the ending, but we will say that the sponsor of the contest (Pizza Hut) gave away a lot of pizza thanks to Dave’s exploits.

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